Sunday, September 19, 2010


Whenever there is a police shooting, the critics come crawling out of the woodworks with their 'expertise' on why the cops should not have resorted to dealy force. After several Stockton Reoord readers blasted the ‘murderous’ cops for erasing 16-year-old James Rivera, reader Gary Arturo Flossmann responded with these comments:

Teresa: You sound like a very nice, empathetic person and that’s to your credit. [Teresa Byrne, saw Rivera as just a ‘rebellious’ teenager.] However, he was not merely "rebellious."

He had, unfortunately, a rather extensive criminal record at a very tender age, if the news is to be believed. He escaped from juvenile hall where he was being held on suspicion of robbery, conspiracy and torture and then he car-jacked a car using a gun (imagine the terrified driver) and fled from police at a high rate of speed endangering anybody in his way.

That is far from "normal" rebellious behavior—he was simply a criminal waiting to meet his end and it was just a question of how many people he hurt in the process—including his mom whom he didn’t care enough about to man-up and try and do the right thing--he has left her mourn his unfulfilled life.

That is very sad since he was so young but he doesn’t appear to have much chance in life. His dad was certainly a zero positive influence on him and the rest of his family was not exactly living the "good-citizen" lifestyle. Had his parents returned him to Juvenile Hall rather than helping him be an "escapee," he may have been able to get some help. Regrettably, we shall never know because he and his family made too many bad choices.

Eva: We have every right to "judge" how she raised her kid. [Eva Castaneda had written that no one should judge anyone about how they raise their kids.] He robbed, tortured, car-jacked using a weapon, ran from police endangering anybody in his way. At the time, he was an escapee and his mom was "hiding" him. Now she claims she knows that the individual cops were racist murderers and assassins. She opened the door by putting herself out there as a judge of the officers and claiming her son was not a criminal—the facts appear to differ.

The mother had control of his "background;" it didn’t just happen. Sorry…while I can feel the pain any parent has when they lose a child at such a tender age, the time for concern was a long time ago and she should have spent more time trying to change his behavior before that fatal day—now she’s just striking out in anger but her wrath is misplaced.

And reader Vince added:

How dare this mother blame ANYONE else for her sons bad behavior? Shame on her!!! Stop playing the blame game! Why should she be compensated for her son’s bad behavior? What she should be out there doing is apologizing for all the WRONG her son has done. I can hardly wait to see how her lawyer tries to make this kid seem like a saint!!!!
Finally, my pal Centurion said it best when he wrote:
Local LE oughta sue Dion Smith [Rivera’s mother] for the cost of the chase, damage to the house, and for emotional damages for the cops who had to put her [attack] dog down...

EDITOR’S NOTE: Centurion said it best, except that when he compared Rivera to man’s best friend, he insulted 95 percent of America’s dogs. That’s why I inserted the word ‘attack’ into his comment.


Anonymous said...

For the record...
The father of James Rivera is about 10 years into serving a life prison sentence. His acorn fell close to the tree.
Also the "torture" crime that is oft mentioned was probably when poor, misunderstood, mischievous Rivera carved gang initials on the back of a robbery victim. Kids will be kids! Gee, haven't all our kids done that?

Centurion said...

Thanks Howard. Don't know what I was thinkin comparing that fine young man to a dog...