Saturday, September 18, 2010


The weeping willows will scream bloody murder because this dangerous criminal was only 16-years-old when the cops erased him. Tough shit! Thankfully that’s one more hoodlum taken off the streets and permanently so.
By Bob Walsh
PACOVILLA Corrections blog
September 16, 2010
Dion Smith is the mother of the late and unlamented (except by her) James Rivera. Rivera is doing a dirt dance at age 16.
His mother is hurting, and angry. "I feel what they done was wrong. My son didn’t have a chance to be 17. They murdered my son. They assassinated him."
It’s an understandable sentiment. Thing is, it’s horsecrap.
Rivera was a criminal. A violent, dangerous criminal. He escaped from juvenile hall and carjacked a lady while armed with a shotgun. The cops spotted him, still driving the stolen minivan and tried to stop him. He could have stopped. He didn’t, he fled recklessly. He ended up smashing into somebody’s house. He could have stopped then. He didn’t. He tried to back the van out of the wreckage of the house.
Whether he was trying to get away or run down the cops or both is unknown, and he isn’t around to tell us. The cops believed (reasonably in my opinion) that he was armed and dangerous and trying to run them down. They terminally rehabilitated him.
Now mommie wants $11.5 million to assuage her anguish. (Or maybe her guilt.)
Perhaps if she had done a better job of raising little Jimmie this wouldn’t have gone down the way it did. Maybe whatever she might have done wouldn’t have helped and little Jimmie would have turned out to be a violent thug in any case. It’s hard to say. He did, unquestionably, have LOTS of chances. He didn’t take any of them. That isn’t on the cops, that’s on him.
Clicking here will link to a substantial story in todays Stockton RECORD on this subject.

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Centurion said...

Local LE oughta sue Dion Smith for the cost of the chase, damage to the house, and for emotional damages for the cops who had to put her dog down...