Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hair Balls asks ‘What’s the problem?’ The problem in this case is that Huntsville is a college town full of liberal students eager to take up a cause in behalf of minorities.

It’s a good thing that the Draft Bar doesn’t have "Sambo Saturdays" with a special on Ripple wine, because if it did, Al Sharpton and his usual pack of rabble rousers would be demonstrating in front of that joint in a hot New York minute.
By Richard Connelly
Houston Press Hair Balls
September 20, 2010
The Draft Bar in Huntsville has daily specials, and catchy names to go along with them.

Including "WB Wednesdays." When resident Arthur Guerrero recently asked what the "WB" stood for, television station KBTX reports, he found out it wasn't "Warner Bros."

It's Wetback Wednesdays, and the bar doesn't see anything wrong with it.

"Our response to them is that this is all in fun. We don't put it up there to be derogatory or racist," bar manager Dena Shipley told the station.

And she meant it:

__"We are not going to be persuaded by someone else's opinion or views or moral values. We have the right to put up whatever we want on our board," responded Shipley. "Are we going to change things at this point? No, we're not. We're going to continue doing business just like we always have."

What do you get on Wetback Wednesdays, besides a heapin' helpin' of racism? Specials on magaritas and Dos Equis. Yay!

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Centurion said...

Ya...the bar does indeed have the right to have Wetback Wednesdays.

Just as the Muslims have a right to build that mosque right next to Ground Zero.

Both have that right. Neither should exercise it...