Wednesday, September 15, 2010


On Monday evening J. Stringer added some more comments on Hair Balls in which he gave me quite a tongue lashing. True to my word, I did not respond with any further comments.
Besides slamming me, Stringer defended Carlos Miller’s website as being all about the First Amendment and civil liberties. I didn’t see it that way. Miller looks like a guy who has a personal beef with the cops and goes after them in behalf of civil liberties.
Here is what Stringer wrote:
And when Stringer says "I'd rather we defend ourselves a lot more & take responsibility for our own safety," it sounds to me like he’s advocating taking the law into our own hands - wild west style.
I never said I hate police ... far from it. Only you have assumed that and have proceded to lose the argument and call names. The Carlos Miller site is all about the First Amendment, but also about civil liberties.

I do not worship at the feet of the Police like so many (apparently including yourself) in society readily do. I question and challenge for people including the Police being held responsible for their actions both good and bad.

Had I my way I'd rather we defend ourselves a lot more & take responsibility for our own safety, so we could make the lives of many an officer less dangerous & a tad easier. People these days are calling the cops when their order at McDonald's is wrong ...

You seem to have the take that the Police are always right...and from your earlier statement that Dise is automatically guilty, maybe I've misunderstood you. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Heck, his case, including the dropping of the assault charges against a police officer is typical of this kind of incident that we are seeing more often.

I have acknowledged there are good Officers ... but have made my case for the fact some of the thin blue line are acting this way, treating those they proclaim to serve as serfs & slaves to be milked financially. I have even presented a commentary on this written by an active Police Officer.

You want to call people names because they disagree with you as you blindly worship the state without thinking at all. Try responding as an adult, then I might take you seriously.

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