Friday, September 24, 2010


Jay Wall notes that it is not fair to the insured motorists for so many people to be driving around without having the required auto insurance. He points out that Dallas employs a simple remedy for this problem.
The City of Dallas has an ordinance that if you are pulled over by law enforcement and not able to provide proof of insurance, your car will be towed right away.
Once your car has been impounded, you must provide proof of insurance to have your car released. This has made it easy for the City of Dallas to remove uninsured cars, many of which are driven illegal immigrants.
Shortly after the "No Insurance" ordinance was passed, the Dallas impound lots began to fill up and were full after just nine days. It turned out that most of the impounded cars were driven by illegals.
Here is what it will cost you if your car is impounded for ‘No Insurance.’ If you pick your vehicle up the same day it is towed you will pay $121 for towing as well as a $20 impound fee for administrative cost. You will then have to pay an additional $20 for each day the vehicle is in the auto pound. After 48 hours, a notification letter is sent and you will have to pay $50 for the notification fee.

Those vehicles that are not picked up in 60 days get auctioned off. The city gets the money which helps to fund more police patrols.
If other cities across the nation would follow what Dallas is doing, not only would they be getting uninsured drivers off the road, but they would also be taking away vehicles driven by those that have no insurance.

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Centurion said...

What a wonderful idea. Simple...effective...and it sounds like it's a revenue generator.

I agree....every city in the country should be doing this.