Monday, September 06, 2010


In the wake of the Ground Zero Mosque brouhaha, Muslims have begun a public relations campaign by running some TV ads designed to assure Americans that they are not trying to foster their religion on us and that they do not have any designs on our country. That has not been the case in Europe. So what’s the difference between America and Europe?
American Muslims are by and large well educated and enjoy a middle or upper class life style. There has been a steady flow of legal Muslim immigrants, but that flow has involved relatively small numbers. Like America’s Jews, Muslims in this country have succeeded through hard work and higher education. Except for some of their religious customs, they have assimilated into our society and adopted our way of life.
Europe, on the other hand, has been flooded with a wave of Muslim immigrants. These Muslims are uneducated and unskilled. They live in close-knit slums and refuse to assimilate into European society. By and large, they are fundamentalist Muslims who, contrary to local laws, practice a strict code of Sharia (Islamic law). These true believers are under the sway of Wahhabi imams who preach from the many mosques that have sprung up throughout Europe.
While the non-Muslim birthrate in Europe has been in a steady decline, the birthrate among Europe’s Muslims is extremely high. At this rate, it will not be too long before the Muslim population of Europe will be dominant. The Islamization of Europe is well under way. Muslims have been successful in getting some of their host countries to recognize the practice of Sharia.

Europe's Muslims have also forced changes to the curricula of several public school systems, changes that reflect their religious and political beliefs. The future looks more and more like the EU will disappear to be replaced by the European Islamic Union.
America cannot rest on its laurels. Like Europe, we too have a declining birthrate. The number of mosques in this country is growing rapidly and many are being financed by Saudi Arabia and run by Wahhabi imams. More and more American Muslims are becoming Islamists.

Just take a look at Detroit. The 'Motor City' has become a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism where Muslims, who now make up one-third of the city's population, have disassimilated themselves from the rest of society. And that means the Isalamization of America is already under way.