Monday, September 13, 2010


Centurion notes that: "I read it in a must be true." "I read it on a must be true." "A friend of a friend of mine was there and actually saw this must be true." "I've been thinking about these things for a long time...they must be true." "You disagree with me, so arguing with you is a waste of just don't get it that these things must be true."

Meanwhile, Stringer continued to argue with his shitty opinion of the police, and while I said I would not respond to his absurd comments, I did respond with some advise.
__Using profanity & name calling only means you are out of ammo & just lost the argument.

__True, we do not hear about the good things many officers do (blame the media if you must, if it bleeds it leads). Perhaps we are jaded, taking the good the police do for granted ... but only talking about the good the police often do or that the police are always right is outright denial.

__For every few good officers, there are plenty of questionable ones who abuse their power ... I could easily spend an hour or two finding links around the country with many an outrageous examples...

__The evidence is in the media, you can find reports on CNN, Fox & local newspapers around the country ... this growing trend is even commented on by those few good officers out there. See link:

__Police officers need to be held to much higher standards than the rest of us, being appointed guardians of the law. They need to be more accountable to those they serve (lack of accountability abounds), use discretion & intelligence in their work.
My advise:
__Mr. Stringer, I said I would not respond further to your shitty opinion of our police, and I'm not, except to say: If you find yourself victimized by a burglar, robber or other dangerous criminal, DON'T CALL FOR A COP, call for someone with a camcorder like Carlos Miller, that other cop-hater you rely on to give your absurd comments the appearance of authenticity.  

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bob walsh said...

I find it hard to believe that the sequence of events described could have occurred without leaving any sort of hard, quantifiable, independent evidence (like maybe some surveillance footage with a bar towel over a camera. There is a significant percentage of the population who hate cops and are willing to believe anything bad said about cops just on generally principle. Most of them have personal agendas to feed.

There are bad cops, just like there are bad doctors, priests and plumbers. Mostly though they are good people trying hard to do a good job. Mostly they succeed.