Thursday, April 06, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Three young men tried to snatch a purse (technically a robbery in CA) in Lodi yesterday at about 1030 a.m. They fled in a car towards Stockton and were spotted by the local constabulary on Hammer Lane. As the cops pursued they started driving stupid (the bad guys, not the cops) and crossed the center divide. Hammer Lane is a major street, six or eight lanes wide with a decent center divider. The bad guys hit three cars and a bicycle, then rolled their getaway car. Two bad guys were killed in the collision. None of the other people died, not even the bicyclist. None in fact were seriously injured. The third occupant of the getaway car, a Ford Focus, was hospitalized.

I suppose it is not terribly PC, but I really can't get too worked up about dead bad guys. I am sorry for the property damage, and sorry the third bad guy was injured, mostly because his medical bills will be on us in all probability. That, however, is the limit of my concern.

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