Tuesday, April 04, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Our glorious leader Donald Trump has approved a disaster kickdown to our fearless leader Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown of $274 million related to the Oroville dam. That being said, not one nickel of that is to pay for repairs. That is the bill for the emergency response to the situation and the cleanup of the debris from the spillway failure and emergency spillway overflow and road washout.

The DWR (Dept. of Water Resources) was supposed to announce the specs and costs for repairs late last week or early this week. So far, nada. They are still maintaining the fiction that they can write the specs, let the contract and get the work done before November 1. That is the date that it is reasonably anticipated that they will NEED the spillway to prevent structural failure and potentially the loss of the entire city of Oroville.

Guesstimates are saying the spillway repair, access road repair, etc. could easily go north of $200 million and may very well go north of $500 million.

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