Wednesday, April 05, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Larry Campbell used to be an ALJ (Administrative Law Judge) working out of San Jose, CA, He used to work for the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board and died of a heart attack in September of 2015 at age 74. His widow is suing, alleging that he was forced by his employer to drive even though his doctor had said he should not drive. She is asserting that the stress gave him a heart attack, which was the official cause of death.

Campbell had an exemption from his employer. People in his job were normally expected to travel every now and then. He didn't even drive to work, on his doctor's advice. He took the bus. He was, however, then ordered to travel to Modesto twice a month. He was told that if he refused he would be docked the time against his leave balance and when he ran out of leave he would be sacked.

Campbell did in fact receive disciplinary action on September 10 of 2015 for refusing the trip to Modesto. That day he sent an email to his boss, alleging age and disability discrimination. The next day Campbell dropped dead at his home.

Workman's Comp has already paid the widow $150,000. His employing agency has declined specific comment.

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