Monday, April 10, 2017


Video shows Colorado police officers body slamming a sorority girl, 22, outside a bar after she 'assaulted' one of the officers

By Jennifer Smith

Daily Mail
April 9, 2017

Shocking footage has emerged of Colorado police officers body slamming a 22-year-old sorority girl as they arrested her outside a bar.

Michaella Surat was thrown to the ground outside Bondi Beach Bar in Fort Collins on Thursday night after allegedly hitting one of the officers.

Police had been called to the bar amid reports of a fight involving the Colorado State University student's boyfriend.

She became involved as she tried to pull him away from the scene.

Another reveler captured the moment Surat was floored by the officers on camera.

The footage shows her tussling with the police officer who held her forearms in his hands.

In one motion, he twisted her arm down forcing her to flip on to her stomach and hit the ground.

Shocked bystanders gasped as Surat hit the floor.

She then tried to get back to her feet, rising to her knees before being forced down again by the same officer and his colleague.

The footage was uploaded to social media, sparking criticism from users who accused the police of being excessively forceful.

'She's like 90 pounds. Poor girl!' said one shocked user while another said of the police: 'Not cool'.

It has been viewed more than 8,000 times across Instagram and Twitter since being uploaded to the official Bar Stools accounts.

Fort Collins Police stood by the officers' treatment of her, claiming it was standard for a suspect accused of assaulting an officer.

'She remained at the scene, at which time she physically obstructed and struck an officer,' a spokesman told The Coloradoan.

Body-cam footage taken by the officers will be reviewed as part of an investigation into the incident.

Surat was booked into Larimer County Jail but was later released after posting $1,750 bond.

She was charged with third degree assault and obstructing a peace officer. She will appear in court on Wednesday.

EDITOR’S NOTE: All those video viewers and sidewalk warchers are getting all exercised because they have never walked in the shoes of a police officer. Whenever a cop is physically interfered with or assaulted, he has the right to bring his assailant under control. The fact that this sorority girl may have weighed only 90 pounds is irrelevant.

I’ll bet that most of those complaining about the treatment of this woman also complain that women are not treated the same as men.


Anonymous said...

Of course it looks bad. The cop wasn't going to cradle a fighting woman to the ground. He put her down. The moral to this story is, Don't fight the police.

bob walsh said...

One should ALWAYS treat ladies like ladies, as long as they act like ladies.