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Drug-fueled trucker drove 3,000 miles NON STOP from Seattle to Massachusetts while high on meth, LSD and cocaine

By Ariel Zilber

Daily Mail
March 31, 2017

Massachusetts police on Tuesday arrested a truck driver who they say drove 3,000 miles without rest from Washington state while allegedly hopped up on a combination of crystal methamphetamine, LSD, and cocaine.

Gary Robbins, a truck driver from Homer, Alaska, was charged on Tuesday with driving while under the influence of drugs as well as 'a laundry list' of motor vehicle violations, the Deerfield Police Department said.

Robbins was arrested after witnesses reported him allegedly behaving erratically at the Greenfield Road Circle K parking lot on Tuesday, according to The Recorder.

'[A] Circle K employee noticed something was up, that wasn't normal,' a police spokesperson said. 'He was running around the parking lot and was confrontational.'

Police said that Robbins threw his credit cards into the truck's fuel tank and 'locked himself out of the truck.'

Robbins was then said to have tried to climb into the cab through the space between the cab and the trailer, according to police.

Police said that Robbins was in the parking lot for a refuelling stop after he had finished delivering raspberry roots to the area.

When a police officer arrived, 'he began speaking with (Robbins) and the driver was clearly acting combative and showing signs of drug use,' the Deerfield police said.

Robbins exhibited symptoms of drug use, including dilated pupils, according to authorities.

'He was clearly a danger to himself and others,' a police spokesperson said.

'It appeared the driver didn't rest, only used drugs, and he drove from Seattle, Wash., to Deerfield, with a destination on the East Coast.'

Police said that Robbins admitted to using drugs, though he refused to be transported to the hospital.

'Officers had quite the struggle to get this truck driver to the Baystate Franklin Medical Center,' police said.

Robbins had his driver license revoked and his truck impounded and sent for inspection.

He has also been summoned to appear in court.

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