Friday, April 07, 2017


by Bob Walsh

There is a journalism class at the high school in Pittsburg, Kansas. They take their school newspaper very seriously indeed. The students decided that it would be a good thing if they did a little background investigation of Amy Robertson, the incoming new principal of the school. What they found out did not look good.

Ms. Robertson asserted that she received her masters and doctorate from Corlins University. This is an on-line, unaccredited institution. Ms. Robertson claimed that she got her degrees from the school before it lost it's accreditation.

Destry Brown, the Superintendent of Schools, said that the district does not typically require official transcripts until AFTER a hiring decision has been made. They are now likely to change their procedure.

The board accepted Ms. Robertson's resignation on Tuesday. Ms. Robertson is currently employed by an educational consulting business in Dubai.

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