Thursday, April 13, 2017


Talk about a loony, the editor-in-chief of the ultra-liberal Mother Jones publication has declared that naming missiles Tomahawks is offensive to American Indians. On Saturday, Clara Jeffery tweeted:

“That the missiles are called tomahawks must enrage lot of Native Americans.”

Clara Jeffery is a Paleface, not a Redskin. Where are the Native Americans who are enraged because the missiles are called Tomahawks? So far there aren’t any.

Me thinks it’s time for Clara to be dragged off to Babbling Brook Farms for an extensive period of some serious head shrinking. How any serious-minded Native American can be offended because cruise missiles are named Tomahawks is beyond my comprehension. On the contrary, I suspect most American Indians are pleased and proud that it was Tomahawks that clobbered a Syrian airbase.

In response to Clara’s ridiculous tweet, conservative columnist Ben Shapiro tweeted:

“If Native Americans want to rename Tomahawk missiles, I am happy to offer to rename them Hebrew Hammers on behalf of the Jews.”

Being Jewish, I would be proud to have missiles carry the name Hebrew Hammer. But not so fast Ben, that would probably offend the Hillary-supporting liberal Jews.

Someone responded to Ben by tweeting:

“In honor of all those Mexicans who won't be able to come to America once the wall is up, I think we should rename Tomahawks to ‘El Smasho’."

But another tweeter thought Chipotle's Revenge would be a better name.

And I think for those stuck on the Mexican side of the wall, Caramba is a more appropriate name.

I’m for keeping Tomahawk as that particular cruise missile’s name, but if some government fool decides to change it, Hebrew Hammer would be fine with me. However, Mazel Tov would be even better.

How does this sound? “Hey Assad, here’s 59 Mazel Tov cruise missiles at you. Mazel tov!

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