Saturday, April 08, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Rashanda Franklin had a rough month. She was being constantly threatened and harassed by her ex, who REALLY wanted to get back together with her. She wasn't interested, but the asshole just wouldn't take NO for an answer. The cops chased the BF away, and gave Ms. Franklin paperwork to file for a restraining order. It was her intention to file the next day.

The next day Franklin was taking her rugrats to school in Richamond, CA. when her ex, Dushan McBride, ambushed her and shot her to death. He was arrested the next day at a Jack in the Box in Sacramento.

Restraining orders are not completely useless. That being said, if you ex, or soon-to-be ex, is enough of an asshole you NEED a restraining order you can't depend on one keeping you safe.

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Anonymous said...

If your ex is planning to kill you, a restraining order is useless.