Saturday, April 08, 2017


by Bob Walsh

It happened yet again in the formerly great state of California. Governor Brown, aka Moonbeam, decided that the state needs to fix the roads. He's right. So, did he decide that the appropriate was to pay for this was to replace the money "diverted" (stolen) from the road fund by the legislature to pay for other projects? No, he didn't. Instead he decided to increase the gasoline tax, diesel fuel tax and vehicle license fees by about $5.4 billion dollars per year. And, of course, a significant amount of that will also be siphoned off to pay for pet democrat projects, meaning the pot will have to be refilled with yet more thievery from the taxpayers.

This was relatively easy to do as the democrat-socialist party in CA has a 2/3 majority in both houses of the legislature and all the state constitutional officers are members of the democrat-socialist party. They also enforce party discipline much better than the republican pseudo-conservatives ever did. If you voted against the party, you would be likely to loose all your committee assignments and find that your capital building office was needed for something else, like storage, and your office was now a broom closed in a building across the street. It has happened before.

CA is turning into Chicago, and not all that damn slowly. I do NOT believe that people get the government they deserve, but they sure as hell get the government they tolerate.

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