Tuesday, April 11, 2017


aka The Arrogance of Power

by Bob Walsh

Robert Bentley, 74, was the governor of Alabama until Monday evening. He was also a Baptist deacon. He is a Republican, and was on the verge of being impeached by his own legislature. He is accused of an affair with a top aide and using government resources to cover up the relationship.

Bentley was actually arrested and booked on Monday on two misdemeanor charges. Only two governors have actually been impeached and removed from office in the last 90 years and both of them were charged with serious felonies. Bentley was stupid enough to sent messages on state issued devices to his girlfriend. His wife intercepted them. She divorced the idiot in 2015, after 50 years of marriage.

At one point Bentley sent the head of his security detail to attempt to retrieve the device with the messages. His son told the goon to pound sand.

Bentley resigned Monday night rather than face impeachment. He copped to the two misdemeanors.

He was, and is, one stupid son-of-a-bitch and deserves to loose his gig. We already have plenty of arrogant, stupid politicians. One less is a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

Idiot. If women didn't have a pussy there would be a bounty on everyone of them. We would hunt them down like coyotes!