Tuesday, April 11, 2017


by Bob Walsh

It happened on Monday in San Berdoo. A man walked into an elementary school classroom and opened fire on the adult female in the classroom (presumably the teacher) and killed her, then himself. He also managed to critically injure two young children in the process. The cops are calling them unfortunate collateral damage. It appears to be some sort of domestic dispute.

San Bernardino is an actual city of slightly more than 200,000. (The city is in San Bernardino county.) It went into bankruptcy in 2012 and ended up slashing city payroll and services, including public safety. Their violent crime rate has gone up significantly since then. The real estate crash and subsequent business pullbacks hit the city very hard.

I grant you that there seems (at first glance) to be little an armed person could have done at the school unless that person had been alert and actually in this classroom, or unless somebody could have intercepted the intruder.

I guess I am just bothered by the idiocy that equates NO GUNES with NO VIOLENCE. Stupid bothers me.

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Anonymous said...

In Texas you college students can carry a weapon on campus and in Harris County you can carry a gun while toting 4 ounces of weed.