Wednesday, August 22, 2018


by Bob Walsh

Regular readers will remember I wrote a while back about a proposal in the crime-ridden and gang-infested shithole of Stockton. The plan would pay $500 a month for 18 months to known, documented violent gang members in response to their promise to not commit any crimes, or at least any violent crimes, within that period. For some reason passing understanding that idea did not get much traction.

It did, however, lead to the SEED program. This program does the following. It will survey people within Stockton who live in neighborhoods where the medium income is under $46,033 dollars. This is the average income for denizens of Stockton, at least those who have a legal, reported income. Professionals will generate 1,000 invitations to participate in a survey program. Once they are identified and determined to qualify those denizens will be run thru a random generator which will pick 100 people. These people will receive $500 a month, just because. This is not taxpayer money so I have absolutely no problem with it. I can think of one or two people at that end of the economic spectrum that would benefit greatly from an extra $500 a month.

Sometimes programs just need to be tweaked.

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