Friday, August 24, 2018


by Bob Walsh

There are three "criminal justice reform" bills making their way thru the legislature of the formerly great state of California that will make CA much LESS safe, which of course is mostly what the legislature wants.

One of them would shitcan the felony murder rule, RETROACTIVELY. This will cause huge problems as reconstructing closed, old murder cases can be a bitch. I would also point out that it is often impossible to figure out who ACTUALLY pulled the trigger, so if everybody say WASN'T ME it may be impossible to convict ANYBODY in some murders. A lot of people will walk from long prison terms if this happens. Right now it looks like it is likely to happen.

Another one would change the law making the use of deadly force by police illegal unless it is determined (after the fact) to have been NECESSARY rather than the normal rule that requires it to be REASONABLE. Essentially this means you have to let the bad guys shoot first, and make sure they are firing live ammo and not blanks, before you can shoot back.

And the other one would change sentencing so that repeat multiple offenders get free crimes. If you do 15 rapes, you can only be sentenced to a maximum aggregate of two terms. If you do 50 burglaries, you can only be sentenced to the maximum aggregate of two. If you do 75 car thefts, you can only be sentenced for two.

Damn Dave [Freeman], Arizona is looking better all the time.

EDITOR'S NOTE: How about Texas, where everything is big and better [than Arizona], and there is little criminal justice nonsense?


Trey Rusk said...

I visited Yuma for 3 months several years ago and found it a very conservative and hot city.

Dave Freeman said...

Ya, the heat in Arizona is a downside. I'll take it, or Texas over Kalifornia though. Any old day.