Tuesday, August 21, 2018


by Bob Walsh

Tilos is a very nice little island in the Med between Rhodes and Kos. The year-around population is less than 500. The summer population is over 3,000. Their power infrastructure sucked. They got electrical power via cable from Kos, which was unreliable and subject to spikes. Most decent businesses or those with power sensitive equipment had their own generators.

The whole island is about to go off the grid. The whole island will soon be powered by a massive battery pack, recharged by windmills and a solar field. I hope it works. It will be a good decent scale test bed and will make life much nicer for those who live and visit there.


Dave Freeman said...

It will be interesting to see how this works out for them. We keep hearing and reading about how much more efficient solar panels are.

We've gotten some bids here for our home over the years. Despite all the hype, it just isn't a cost effective endeavor for us. Not even close.

bob walsh said...

In CA in two years they will be REQUIRED on all new residential construction.