Thursday, August 23, 2018


Illegal Mexican immigrant who beat and raped three women while on an unenforced 2012 ICE deportation order is handed 80 years in prison

By Rory Tingle

Daily Mail
August 22, 2018

August An Illinois judge slammed officials on Monday for failing to enforce a 2012 ICE deportation order on an illegal Mexican immigrant who went on to brutally beat and rape three women.

Miguel C Luna, 37, of Joliet, was handed 80 years in prison for raping two women who were running along a state trail in 2015 and 2016. He has also admitted to raping a third woman who has since died.

Addressing Luna, who remained in the United States despite ICE issuing an order for his arrest because of his illegal status, Judge David Carlson said: 'You shouldn't have been in this country. The system let the victims down in this case.'

Luna pleaded guilty to the first two rapes in May, when he admitted to obscuring his face, wearing surgical gloves, and using a shirt to wipe blood off a victim's arm to remove fingerprints. The early-morning attacks all lasted around 90 minutes.

Details of a third attack emerged when the victim contacted police after Luna's arrest. The 19-year-old said she was running in Joliet when she was tackled from behind by a knifeman who threatened to kill her if she turned around, reported a local news site.

Luna then led her to a wooded area, secured her hands behind her back, stripped off her clothes and had sex with her. He did not receive a felony count for this third attack, which also happened in 2016.

Judge Carlson said he was unable to understand why Luna had not been deported after ICE issued its warrant.

'You were free to do these acts... whether through misguided political correctness or people who do not believe in laws or borders,' Carlson said.

'One thing I can do with the sentence is show that the laws we believe in here, maybe this won't happen again, maybe that's a little bit of closure.'

ICE detainers are usually issued to local authorities who can choose whether or not they comply with the request. In Luna's case it is not clear which authority received his order and why officials failed to enforce it.

Luna got 16 to 40 years on each of the two felony criminal sexual assault counts, and ordered to serve his sentences consecutively.

He must stay in prison for at least 85 percent of his sentence and register as a sex offender if he is ever released.

The rapist previously read out a statement to court saying he had been repeatedly sexually abused by family members. He said he was sorry for the 'terrible things I've done' to the three women.

Judge Carlson said the 'horrible' sexual abuse he suffered as a child did not excuse his actions.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The irony of this 80-year sentence is that his life in an American prison will be far better than his life would have been as a free man in Mexico.

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