Wednesday, August 22, 2018


by Bob Walsh

The body of Mollie Tibbetts, 20, was found a couple of days ago. The young woman disappeared while jogging. The cops have arrested an undocumented democrat, Christhian Behena Rivera, 24, in her murder.

Rivera admits to seeing Tibbetts, and running along side her. He says that she told him to bugger off, and that she would call the cops if she didn't leave her alone. He asserts that he then "blacked out" and when he came around there was her body. His car was identified by surveillance in the area which led cops to question him. He took them to her body, hidden in a corn field.

I doubt that Poweshiek County, Iowa, deems itself to be a sanctuary county so I strongly suspect that Rivera is in deep shit, as well he should be.

Personally I think they should tie him to a pole, bury him up to his armpits in cow shit and corn husks and then set it on fire. But that's just me. I get a little Old Testament once in a while.

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