Saturday, August 25, 2018


by Bob Walsh

Steven Kelley was shot to death at a house west of Charlotte, N.C. earlier this month. The circumstances show you how differently people think in CA.

Kelley was an abuse asshole boyfriend. He was shot to death by his lady friend's 15-year old daughter as he was attempting to strangle the girl's mother. She used a Colt SSA .45 caliber revolver. Two shots, two hits. The young lady had been taught to shoot by her late father.

Kelly was an ex-con from Indiana. He had a history of domestic violence. He had previously threatened the woman and fired a gun inside their house.

A 12-year old boy in the house retrieved the Colt and handed it to the 15-year old who ventilated the asshole. In CA they would have prosecuted the mother for having firearms unsecured in the house where they could be accessed by children. In N.C. the cops probably just bought her another box of ammo.

Sounds like a Public Service Homicide to me.

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Trey Rusk said...

With a .45 she probably didn't really need to shoot twice.