Monday, August 27, 2018


Publicly funded drive-in sex booths where prostitutes work legally in Zurich are hailed a 'great success'

By Bridie Pearson-Jones

Daily Mail
August 25, 2018

Legal 'sex booths' where customers take their cars and 'drive-in' to meet prostitutes have been deemed a 'resounding success' by city officials in Zurich, Switzerland.

The booths, which look like garages, celebrate their fifth anniversary on Sunday after 52 per cent of Zurich citizens voted in favour of the local government spending $2million (£1,557,020) on 'sex boxes' in 2012.

Prostitution has been legal in Switzerland since the 1940s and the booths opened in 2013. Before this, most sex workers stayed on the city's riverfront, but many moved following complaints from locals over traffic and noise.

The legal areas help in preventing human trafficking and violent attacks against sex workers, most of whom are eastern European.

The government spends $800,000 (£623,000) each year maintaining the booths, which includes security and on-site social services.

The sex workers pay taxes, have regular health checks and are healthier overall, officials say.

In 2014, more improvements were made to the booths, including 'plank beds' for people who wanted to leave their cars.

Like many drive-ins, motorbikes and bicylces are allowed, but those on foot aren't. Pedestrians are told to go to another part of the city.

Once the customers arrive, one of the 24 women working agree a price and go to the booth, which is not monitored but has an emergency alarm for safety.

Nadeen Schuster, a spokesperson for the Zurich government told USA TODAY the area was 'effective in preventing violence against sex workers and human trafficking.'

EDITOR’S NOTE: Works for me. What will they think of next … sex gates on toll roads?


Trey Rusk said...

In Houston, illegal prostitution is big business. Local LE will run a sting and round up 40 -50 people in a day. Nothing is regulated and STD's flourish along with human trafficking. I am not opposed to well regulated legalized prostitution. Come on folks, it's already going on and the tax could go to much needed women's medical services. In fact, with as many arrests that are made, Harris County could probably pay off the toll roads. (Not really that cash cow isn't going anywhere.)

bob walsh said...

If it works, and the locals are happy with it, I am happy with it. I have often though it is odd that adults can fuck each other for free with no legal problems but once an explicit monetary consideration becomes involved it is suddenly immoral / illegal.