Thursday, August 30, 2018


by Bob Walsh

Dante Michelucci, 41, is a correctional officer (jail guard according to the newspaper) at the Napa County hospitality center. He is asserting that he was "driven off" of his job by virulent anti-gay harassment (incorrectly perceived) and ended up in a mental hospital due to this. He is, of course, suing.

Michelucci was with the county for over ten years, starting in 2007 and bailing out in April of this year. He is straight and lives with his wife in Sonoma County. He is asserting that, for some reason, his colleagues have decided that he is in fact gay and made him the target of rather nasty anti-gay harassment.

Michelucci says that he reported the abuse to his superiors, and was then labeled a rat and subject to further harassment.

He has a record of good to very good performance reports and was promoted to Field Training Officer duties. He asserts that he was "directed" to give an African-American officer a crappy job review, because the guy "just didn't fit in." This was the triggering incident in his harassment. Michelucci is apparently still on the payroll, on medical leave.

The suit, filed last week in S.F., is asking for unspecified actual and punitive damages.

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