Sunday, August 26, 2018


by Bob Walsh

Ben Bartlett is a member of the Berkeley, CA city council. He made sure to let Berkeley P D Officer Stephan Cole know that, a BUNCH of times, when she pinched him for blowing a red light. He also didn't have a drivers license with him, or proof of insurance. He then went with the WE ARE VOTING ON YOUR CONTRACT RIGHT NOW, BREAKING MY BALLS ON THIS ISN'T GOING TO HELP.

This happened last month. The asswipe got off with a warning. The asswipe apologized on Friday, AFTER the incident made the news.

Isn't it remarkable how liberal idiots think the law doesn't apply to them?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Or conservative idiots.


Trey Rusk said...

It was turned over to the news a month later? They must not have gotten the raise they requested.

bob walsh said...

I think the dash cam footage took that long to "leak out."