Tuesday, August 21, 2018


by Bob Walsh

Some problems are difficult or impossible to recover from. If you aircraft loses power at 200 feet during takeoff you may be able to set it down or even get back to the runway. If the wings fall off when you are 200 feet over a fire line dropping retardant, you are pretty well screwed.

Carmen Mendez was just 15 years old last Saturday night when he bailed out of a car being pursued by the Ceres (CA) P.D. The cops had been called about someone brandishing a gun following a hit-and-run in the area when they spotted a suspect vehicle. The cop attempted a stop and the vehicle took off at a high rate of speed. At some point the car stopped and Mendez jumped out, in possession of a handgun. The lone officer fired one shot at Mendez. Mendez was hit and killed.

Back-up arrived shortly after and took four additional persons in the car into custody. Three were juveniles who were cited and released to their parents. One adult was kept in custody. They found several other firearms in the car. All were stolen..

The hit and run victim was injured and is hospitalized.

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