Sunday, June 25, 2017


'Cannibal killer' frat boy accused of murdering and eating two random Florida homeowners said he just wants to be a 'normal kid again' in tearful phone calls home to his parents as police release their conversations

By Mary Kekatos

Daily Mail
June 24, 2017

Hundreds of phone calls made from jail between so-called 'Cannibal Killer' Austin Harrouff and his family have been released, in which he says he just wants to 'be a normal kid again'.

More than 10 hours of recordings were made public by the State Attorney's Office in Martin Country where the 20-year-old former Florida State University student details his boredom, his want for mental help, and how he misses home.

Harrouff is accused of stabbing John Stevens III, 59, and Michelle Mishcon, 53, to death at their home on Southeast Kokomo Lane on August 15. He was found biting Stevens' face, making accusers think he was on drugs such as bath salts or flakka.

The teenager has been at the sports bar Duffy's West with his father when he complained that the food was taking too long and left.

Harrouff apparently walked to his mother's house nearby, where she said she found him about to drink cooking oil. She said she told him to stop but said she soon found him eating a bowl of cooking oil mixed with cheese before taking her son back to the restaurant.

He left again and apparently walked the four miles to the victims' home, which was near his father's house.

It is unknown how the encounter began, but Stevens and Mishcon were known to sit in their garage with the door open, watching television and chatting with passers-by.

Harrouff told deputies that he had no drugs in his system that night, though court documents show he told paramedics that he smoked marijuana and drank alcohol.

Toxicology reports showed he had neither common drugs nor designer drugs in his system.

Harrouff's attorney have argued that their client is 'struggling with severe mental illness and the judicial process will bear all of this out in due time'.

Calls from the Martin County Jail, where he was brought on October 3, show a dramatic change in Harrouff from when he first arrived.

In early recordings, he cries constantly, complains about how bored he is and says that he wants to be home.

'It just sucks. I just want to be a normal kid again,' Harrouff is heard saying.

He asks for books, magazines and things to write and draw with. He also cries to his parents, saying he needed a therapist

In later recordings, he speaks in a monotone voice, answers with one word or repeats a word over and over. He laughs briefly and at awkward points in conversations.

He's also heard making strange, unintelligible sounds more than once.

It's unclear if Harrouff is on any medication at this time, but at the beginning of his stay, he told his parents the jail gave him anti-depressants and something to help him sleep.

His next court hearing is scheduled on July 25.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Hmmm, so he’s bored. To overcome his boredom, I suggest he be moved in with an experienced group of jailbirds. That might make his stay in jail exciting.

I’d also recommend that he have a supply of Vaseline on hand to keep from getting the red ass.

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