Tuesday, June 27, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Adam Johnson is a Sergeant with the Austin, TX police mounted unit. Larry McQuillams, 49, is an asshole who is now a dead asshole.

At about 0230 in the a.m. Johnson became aware of McQuillams who was armed with two rifles and shooting up things in beautiful Austin. That offended Johnson who fired one shot from his S&W .40 pistol at 312 feet, hitting McQuillams square in the chest. McQuillams went down like a sack of wet laundry and died shortly after, possibly from Johnson's shot and possibly from a self-inflicted wound fired after Johnson shot him.

In any case 104 yards with a service handgun in the dark is one HELL of a shot.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This occurred in November 2014 and Johnson was reported to have taken his shot while holding the reins of two horses in his other hand.

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Anonymous said...

Texans can shoot, buy ammo in bulk, drink beer, Bar B Q, like their women sassy and want restrooms to reflect true gender.