Friday, June 30, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Cardinal George Pell, 76, is an Aussie and a top advisor to the Pope. He is the chief financial advisor to the Vatican. He stands formally accused of "historical sexual assault offenses" (meaning they are not recent). Pell has been ordered to appear in court on July 18 to face multiple counts.

There is a long history of Pell allegedly slow-dragging complaints of sexual assault by priests in his bailiwick.

Pell is currently on leave pending disposition of the charges. He said last year, in speaking to the commission within the church looking at sexual abuse, that he had made "enormous mistakes" in overseeing investigation into alleged pedophile priests.

Australia does not have a formal extradition arrangement with the Vatican and one would assume that Pell might have a diplomatic passport. Never the less he has said that he is in fact returning to Australia to face the charges.

Pell could also face a church trial on the charges. The Pope is on record as having referred to people in Chile who protested against a notorious pedophile priest as being a bunch of "stupid leftists." One might tend to wonder where his true sympathies lie.

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