Thursday, June 29, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Most of us who have been around for a while have seen a bit of both. Real security by it's nature is either expensive, inconvenient, or both. There are some places and situations that make real security necessary. There seem to be a lot of places that prefer fake security.

A case in point. On June 14 Jimmy C. Lam entered his work place, the UPS facility in San Francisco. He had to go thru a metal detector in order to accomplish this goal. He was carrying a Tec-9 pistol, a second hand gun and at least 100 rounds of ammunition. The metal detector did in fact alert. He was granted entry anyway, apparently without further inspection. He shot a bunch of people that day and self-rehabilitated when the cops showed up.

Did UPS screw the pooch? Did their security firm blow it? Is their procedure set up so that employees are not screened effectively on a routine basis? I strongly suspect that UPS and (if they have one) their contract security company are asking these questions.

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