Sunday, June 18, 2017


For those of you who think Cancun is a safe place, think again!

Scenes of panic were reported in the mall before the blasts of heavy weapons

Borderland Beat - translated from El Debate
June 16, 2017

A fierce shootout was registered in the commercial centre of Culiacan on Avenue Tulum, Coba and Bonampak up to the Plaza del Toros, in the Premier block of the city of Cancun, in which a confrontation between elements of the Army and State Police chased a group of sicarios.

In the first version of events, the confrontation between the armed groups happened at a place close to the bus station and the shootout continued into the restaurant zone and bars that ended at the plaza del toros.

The government of Quintana Roo has not confirmed the number of injured after the gun battle, but it is known that there are four people with gunshot injuries and one death.

Parts of the city centre are now closed, with police mobilized which has generated a climate of tension in the area. There were four detainees, all of whom were injured and were hospitalized, while others were detained by the Ministerial authority.

According to the residents testimony, gun shots were heard outside a shopping centre located on Tulum Avenue, at the top of Glorieta de las Estrellas and Lasa Caracoles, popularly known as Glorieta del Ceviche, in the centre of the city.

There were also detonations in the kiwi market, a few meters from the Glorieta and in front of the Municipal palace, very close to the same area.

The shooting spread to Nader Avenue, parallel to Tulum Avenue, where it is presumed that some of those implicated were injured.

The government of Quintana Roo issued a brief message: " The situation in Cancun is under control, after the arrest of a group of people.

Officially it was reported that it was the execution of a ministerial action, that provoked the chase and subsequent gun battle.

Some inhabitants reports gunfire at Plaza Las Avenidas, located in the Xcaret and Coba Avenues.

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Most of the resorts were built by cartels in an attempt to launder money.