Tuesday, June 27, 2017


China has developed a bullet train that can attain a speed of 248 mph and will cruise at 217mph. The train is all set to serve the Beijing to Shanghai run and will reduce the current high speed rail travel tine from 5 hours to 3-1/2 hours.

The train has been named ‘fuxing’ which means ‘rejuvenation’ in Chinese. Chinese engineers developed the Fuxing by acquiring the best technologies from Japanese, German and French bullet trains.

The Chinese plan to export the Fuxing to markets in Europe and the U.S.

It would take Fuxing a little over an hour to travel between Houston and Dallas.

I suggest they change the train’s name. Americans would have a ball with that fucking Fuxing name. And if the train were to go between Houston and Dallas, them East Texas Baptists would absolutely not stand for any fuxing.

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Anonymous said...

East Texas Baptists never recognize each other in Honky Tonks, Casinos or Titty Joints.