Thursday, June 22, 2017


The new police commission that oversees the disciplining of Oakland, California cops is open to felons as well as law abiding citizens.

Last November, Oakland, California voters approved a measure that would establish a nine-member police commission which would oversee the disciplining of the city’s cops and hire or fire its police chief. The measure specified that members of the community who’ve had frequent contact with police be included on the commission. Conversely, former or current police officers are banned from serving on the commission.

The city is now taking applications with ads saying, “formerly incarcerated individuals encouraged to apply.” There will be no background checks conducted in order not to discourage persons with criminal records from applying.

The Oakland Police Officers’ Association is understandably far from overjoyed.

The police “should be welcoming the viewpoint and participation of all members of the city of Oakland,” says Tal Klement, one of eight panelists who will select the commission members, “and that includes people with criminal backgrounds. That’s the population that has had the most contact with police.”

This is not exactly new. Back in the ’70s, Riverside County Sheriff Ben Cark set up a police advisory committee which included a couple of the county’s worst ex-cons because he believed their viewpoints were important too. But that was only an advisory body with no powers over the sheriff’s department.

If Oakland wants to have a commission to hire or fire the police chief, that’s fine. But to give the commission power to oversee the disciplining of the city’s cops, even if the commission were to consist only of sterling citizens, well ….. that’s why I call it Kookfornia!


by Bob Walsh

The crime-ridden, gang-infested PC haven shithole known as Oakland, CA is now actively encouraging ex-felons to join the police oversight commission there.

The nine member commission was approved overwhelmingly by voters last November. It did NOT sate that ex-felons would be allowed to sign up (thought it did not specify that they would not be allowed to either). Current or former members of the Oakland police department are specifically barred from serving on the commission.

Tai Klement, one of the people who will be picking the nine members of the commission, said that they were encouraging ex-felons to apply because they were the citizens who had the most contact with the police. There will be no background checks of any kind done for members of the commission so it could contain drug dealers, child molesters, Democrats, Christians and all sorts of undesirable people when all is said and done.

If I remember correctly this commission will have the specific authority to fire the Chief of Police, though not to take personnel actions against other officers in the department. They are primarily supposed to be an oversight-intimidation and harassment-PC feel good body. I wonder how long it will be before the first one of them is arrested?

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WTF? It won't be long before they come into people's homes to take their guns.