Wednesday, June 28, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Many years ago I taught a class for CCW applicants. Successful completion was accepted as evidence of competence by many of the local agencies that issue CCW permits. I team-taught it with a local criminal lawyer.

One of the things we covered in some detail was sticking your nose into other people's business. There are risks inherent in this action and, generally speaking, you should avoid the risk by avoiding the action. A case in point.

The cops attempted to pull one Terence Lee Lenox, 47, over for suspected DUI in the vicinity of Newton, GA. He fled, crashed, and fled on foot.

Marcus Pitts, 47, a private citizen who happened to see all this, began to pursue with his pickup truck. When he caught Lenox, Pitts pulled a gun and shot Lenox in the neck.

Lenox was transported to the hospital in critical condition. Pitts was arrested by the local constabulary on unspecified charges relating to the unjustified discharge of a weapon.

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