Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Despite the opposition of federal prosecutors and FBI agents in New York, the DOJ Civil Rights Division is determined to prosecute Daniel Pantaleo

When a grand jury refused to indict NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo for murder in the 2014 death of Eric Garner, Al Sharpton screamed bloody murder, demanding justice for Garner. Now, three years later, the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department apparently wants to make Sharpton happy.

Despite the opposition of federal prosecutors and FBI agents in New York, the Civil Rights Division is determined to prosecute Daniel Pantaleo for depriving Garner of his rights through the use of excessive force and for a possible hate crime.

From Tuesday's Daily Mail:

Washington-based federal prosecutors revealed last October they planned to pursue charges against him, as their investigators examine whether Pantaleo was guilty of using excessive force and if the choke hold he used was within the scope of his training.

The probe will examine whether Garner's civil rights were breached and whether or not Pantaleo's conduct amount to a 'hate crime'.

The federal case has been delayed by a dispute because federal prosecutors and FBI officials in New York opposed bringing charges, while the Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department in Washington argued there was evidence to proceed.

New York FBI agents who were investigating the case have been replaced with agents from outside the state while Brooklyn prosecutors have been taken off the case.

However, it could still be months before the investigation concludes.

What the fuck is going on here? The Feds closest to where the Garner arrest occurred do not believe Pantaleo committed a criminal act. So, in order to lynch a white cop for killing a black crook, the lefties in the DOJ – probably Obama-Holder appointees - bring in a bunch of out-of-towners to make sure Al Sharpton and his ilk will be happy. What kind of justice is that? It’s an injustice, that’s what it is!

I thought the Trump administration was going to put an end to the Obama-Holder persecution of police officers. Apparently not.

Pantaleo was just trying to subdue an arrest-resisting giant of a man when he applied a choke hold on Garner. He had no intention of inflicting a serious injury on Garner. And Pantaleo most certainly did not apply that choke hold because Garner was black!

A hate crime? The Civil Rights Division is catering to the out-for-blood lust of Sharpton and militant members of the black community. It’s the DOJ that’s committing a hate crime, not Pantaleo.

Sharpton, as usual, trumps justice.


Anonymous said...

What a waste of money and resources. Time for DOJ Civil Rights Division to pull their head out of their ass!

bob walsh said...

Al Sharpton is the worst sort of poverty pimp. I can't imagine why a post-Barack DOJ is kissing his ass, unless the deep state really is that deep.