Thursday, June 22, 2017


Those that are still sane believe that schools are essentially "victim zones" in the United States

by Bob Walsh

It is my understanding that many parts of Colorado are populated by people who are basically reasonable, normal people. That's a good thing, and I'll bet it driver the PC California transplants crazy.

On Tuesday the state launched a 3-day training course for teachers in Weld County. This course, when completed, will allow teachers to carry firearms in their classrooms in order to protect their students. (A fair number do already on the basis of CCW permits.) There are 17 staff members who have signed up for the first class.

The course was set up by parents, law enforcement personnel and emergency medical experts who believe that schools are essentially "victim zones" in the United States.

An anti-gun psycho group known as Safe Campus Colorado is screaming like a pack of mashed cats. Fuck them.

The class consists of firearms training and emergency medical training to allow the staff members to reasonably function as first responders in the event of a school shooting. Many areas of Colorado outside of major metropolitan areas have longer response times than the parents, students and administrators are comfortable with.

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