Wednesday, June 21, 2017


by Bob Walsh

Yes, it's true. It rained in the area where the Georgia 6th Congressional District was held on Tuesday. Even though there were almost 150,000 advanced votes cast this is clear proof that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump conspired with God to rig the election to keep those evil, soul-sucking bastards in the Republican Party in power, crushing the spirit of Hillary Clinton and all good, honest and true liberal idiots.

There was roughly $200 spent for every vote cast in this election, making it easily the most expensive congressional district vote since dinosaurs became extinct.

This now makes six special elections held since Donald Trump became supreme leader of the United States. The Democraps have lost all six of them. Every one of them was claimed by the Democraps to be a referendum on Donald Trump, and maybe they in fact were. It is just barely possible that the Democrap party is STILL completely befuddled as to why their message isn't resonating with people. I guess they have not yet figured out that most Americans outside of New York and California are not hard-core liberal assholes.

By the way the Democrap candidate, Jon Ossoff, got less than 1,000 donations from within the district. He got over 7,000 donations from outside of his district, mostly from CA and NYC. Maybe the GA 6th just doesn't like carpetbagger asshole pajama-boys.

With slightly over 80% of the vote counted the Republican is ahead by about 52-48. It isn't a landslide, but it is definitely a win.

(I wouldn't bet that God is a Republican, but I sure as hell am sure he isn't a Democdrap. Of course maybe God sat this one out and Freyer stuck his nose in. Have you ever seen an episode of American Gods? Maybe the old gods are still dicking with us, just for their own amusement.).

EDITOR'S NOTE: The final count was also 52-48 percent. Kellyanne Conway tweeted "Laughing my #Ossoff."

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The people have spoken again!