Monday, June 26, 2017


by Bob Walsh

An oil tanker rolled over on a highway in Pakistan yesterday. Many of the locals rushed to the scene of the wreck with containers, attempting to scrounge whatever of the contents of the tanker (kerosene or fuel oil maybe) that they could. Something happened, or somebody did something stupid and the tanker went BOOM. They think about 150 people died in the fireball.

It must truly suck to be that poor. I just can't imagine it.


bob walsh said...

FURTHER: A witness (near victim) asserted that some shit-for-brains lit a coffin nail while he was salvaging the fuel. True stupidity is astounding to experience.

Anonymous said...

In 1976 I responded to an overturned vehicle. Upon arrival a lady was trapped and gasoline was pouring in and on the car. Tried pulling on her. No go. The Fire Dept was on it's way. Then this jerk off walked toward the wreck with a lit cigarette. I yelled and he just came forward. I ran and tackled him in the grass in front of a Bank and 10' from the wreck. Fire Dept heavy sprayed and rescued to woman whose leg was trapped under the front seat. The next day this shithead complained on me.

The Chief put a letter of commendation in my file.

Ah, the good old days!