Wednesday, June 28, 2017


by Bob Walsh

The Democrat-Socialist party in CA rammed thru a major fuel tax increase and a substantial car registration tax increase last year. This sleaze move was made possible by Democrap super-majorities in both houses of the legislature.

The CA Republican Party has just turned in about 85,000 signatures on recall petitions to throw Senator Josh Newman, D-Fullerton, out of his seat in the 29th District. If successful this would mean the Democraps could no longer ram tax bills thru with zero Republican support. They would lose their super-majority.

The Democraps sniveled about how much the election will cost ($3 mill) and also sniveled about it's lack of "authenticity," whatever the fuck that means.

The Democraps are alleging that the signature gatherers are telling people that the vote would overturn the recently passed $52 billion tax increases.

In response the Democraps have passed a NEW bill, which Jerry just signed. This allows petition signers to rescind their signatures if done so in writing within 30 days of the original signature. This adds at least weeks and maybe even months to the time line to certify such election attempts. This would tend to ensure that all such attempts will be held in conjunction with the June primaries rather than as special elections. This move would tend to favor the party in power, which in CA is of course the Democrat-Socialist party.

The Republicans have already said they will file a legal challenge to the change in the law. They will also continue to circulate petitions to ensure a hoped-for comfortable edge in the numbers for the recall.

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