Saturday, June 17, 2017


by Bob Walsh

A legislative proposal is going thru the works in the District of Columbia that would recognize concealed carry licenses from other jurisdictions within the District. As expected many of the Democraps are going 5150 over the proposal while many Republicans and some Democraps from conservative states have no issue with it. I suspect that this sucker might actually make it thru the system. I am fairly confident that if it gets to Trump he will sign it.

Many members of the legislature have gun permits from their home jurisdictions but they are not recognized within the District. Now that one of their own oxes has been gored, they are getting nervous. That, IMHO, is a good thing. It puts them in touch with their constituents.

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Anonymous said...

Retired police officers have been allowed to carry in D.C. for some time. W. had the new law for retirees in place in 2004. The original law didn't allow retired police officers to carry in National Parks or monuments. That was changed after several were detained in where else? Yosemite, California. The amended law also includes retired military police and U.S. Coast Guard enforcement personnel.