Tuesday, June 20, 2017


by Bob Walsh

There is a congressional election today to fill the seat left vacant by Republican Tom Price. Under normal circumstances this would be considered a reasonably safe Republican seat however things are not normal.

The Democrap candidate, Jon Osoff, is a serious carpetbagger. He doesn't even live in the district. There were about 150 Republicans going for the seat in the primary. The final candidate from their side is Karen Handel. As one might expect the Democraps are touting this as an anti-Trump referendum (like the last two special elections since Trump was inaugurated, both of which were won by Republicans). There has been a LOT of outside money and liberal idiot participation in this election.

There were about 140,000 early votes cast in this election. This is about three times that of the normal elections. Various polls are currently showing the Democrap with a slight lead, within the margin of error.

Clearly I hope the Republicans win, if nothing else because the Democraps will be unsufferable (more so than usual) if they do.

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