Thursday, June 22, 2017


by Bob Walsh

A knife-wielding jihadi goat fucker (redundancy in terminology there) stabbed a cop in the back and the neck at the airport in Buttcrack (also known as Flint), Michigan early on Wednesday. The cops is in stable condition in a local hospital. The goat fucker was arrested at the scene. The attack occurred in the non-secure area of the airport. The goat fucker went into a restroom with some luggage, took a small goat out of the luggage and fucked it in the restroom, then came out with a knife, yelled ALLAHU AKBAR and stabbed the cop.

To my pleasant surprise the FBI pretty much immediately announced that it was being investigated as a terrorist incident.

It isn't completely clear why the goat fucker didn't attack a cop on the Canadian side, but maybe he couldn't buy a knife or a small goat on the Canadian side. Fortunately he survived being arrested so it is possible we will find out, though he might be so brain-fried that we will never know.

(I actually made up the part about him fucking the goat in the restroom. Probably. Maybe.)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Reports say that he came to the U.S. to avenge the killing of Jihadists in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the water will kill him.