Thursday, June 29, 2017


by Bob Walsh

On Thursday the federal court will hear an appeal to the 10-round magazine ban that is supposed to take effect this coming Saturday.

The ban, if it goes ahead, will outlaw the possession of so-called "high capacity) magazines by most private citizens in the formerly great state of California. Even if you have owned it for 20 years and it was completely legal when you bought it the law will make you a criminal July 1. Your choices are give the magazine to the cops (I"M sure they will be appreciative), take it out of state, scrap it or have it permanently altered so that it only holds ten rounds (not necessarily cheap or easy). Besides the Second Amendment implications this is, IMHO, a constructive taking of personal property by the government without compensation.

Obviously I hope the ban is overturned. I am not betting that way.

Fortunately as a retired cop I am exempt ... for the moment.

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