Tuesday, March 27, 2018


by Bob Walsh

The BLM thugs and similar pro-criminal groups are going bat-shit crazy with the (false) assertion that the cops shot unarmed (not false) Stephon Clark 20 times. At least the family seems to be backing away from their claim that they shot him in the back 20 times.

The cops fired 20 shots AT Clark. They hit him 4 times. There is also no question that he was breaking into parked cars, he did break the sliding glass door of one of his neighbor's houses, and when challenged by the cops he charged them with his arms extended and something in his hands. Had he not been breaking into cars and responded appropriately when the cops challenged him he would be alive today, probably still breaking into cars and houses, unless some car owner or home owner shot his happy ass.

Just saying. Actual facts are nice to have.

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Dave Freeman said...

FACTS? BLM don't need no stinking facts.