Monday, March 26, 2018


One of my comments on Big Jolly Times in opposition of legalizing marijuana elicited the following comments:

David- beloved of God

Mr. Katz, quite possibly the most ignorant human being I’ve ever heard of. Compassion is completely lacking, and a human who should not be in a position of authority. 50 years of dealing with add and ptsd, I thank God every time I get relief with marijuana. I think you should try it so it wouldn’t seem like you a talking out of your rectum!

Fat Albert

Hmmm. . . David, given your lack of grammar and composition skills, I’d be careful about calling some one else “ignorant”. As for your alleged “beloved of God” status – I suspect that He’d be disappointed in your hateful attack on another person, not to mention the fact that you apparently are an admitted chronic felon.

Whether I talk out of my rectum or not, I love what Fat Albert said.

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