Wednesday, March 28, 2018


by Bob Walsh

Stephon Clark is a now-dead criminal. He was shot to death by two Sacramento PD officers a week ago when he first ran, and then charged at them with his arms extended as though he were holding a weapon. Turns out he wasn't. And of course since the dead criminal is black, and even though one of the two cops is black, the mob is screaming for them to be fired, prosecuted and summarily executed. The mob, including BLM thugs, has harassed land assaulted passers-by at their "ralleys" and damaged both public and private property, all the while screaming NO JUSTICE NO PEACE. The cops are already receiving death threats.

The Chief of Police in Sac is a relatively young personable black man. He reminds me a lot of Barack Obama with less hair. He has asked the Cal DOJ to run a simultaneous, parallel investigation into the shooting.

All big city chief's are to some extent politicians. It comes with the job. So, is he smart to try to dodge some lightning and spread the responsibility thin, or is he gutless for not backing his people up, at least until some malfeasance is clearly demonstrated?

Maybe it's a bit of both. In the real world, that is not uncommon.

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Dave Freeman said...

Ya, a bit of both I think.