Wednesday, March 28, 2018


If you are a wanted crook and you carry a cell phone, you will most likely be caught

By Trey Rusk

Running Code 3
March 24, 2018

I read a crime article today about some dumb criminals that robbed a night club. It may have worked out for them except they were not only dumb criminals but they were stupid.

It seems the cash was not enough. They also robbed a customer of their cell phone.

What a waste of time. Some of the latest cell phones sell for over $1000 and that makes them attractive to thieves. What I find amusing is after they left the night club with their loot, they were GPS tracked and arrested. Why? The stolen cell phone was tracked by the owner and the police.

I have worked several cases where the crook was tracked by their own cell phone. It's very easy to do. I won't go into how it is done, by suffice to say, if you are a wanted crook and you carry a cell phone you will most likely be caught.

A friend of mine called several years ago trying to locate and old friend of his. He wanted to criss/cross the phone number for him. That was the way it was done in the old days. I told him to type the phone number into Google and it would probably turn up something. It did.

Once cops have the crook's phone number they turn it over to a crime analyst. The analyst then finds the phone number through social media and data banks that store information on people.

Cops can not only find a criminal in real time, but they can trace a criminal's location in relation to a past crime. Location, date and time.

I have located crooks using this technology for at least a decade.

That my friends is why the dumb crooks are also stupid.

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