Saturday, March 31, 2018


by Bob Walsh

The Stephon Clark homicide in Sacramento just got way more interesting, and troubling for the Sac P.D.

The results of the private autopsy commissioned by the family was announced on Friday. It is substantially in conflict with the official information (though not the official autopsy, which is yet to be released) being released by the P.D.

According to the cops four of the 20 shots fired hit the dead criminal. The private autopsy, which by the way was done by an internationally known and imminently qualified pathologist) say the dead guy was in fact hit eight times. Additionally the cops strongly implied that the bad guy was facing them and in fact moving towards them while the shit was gong down. The brief snippets of surveillance released seem to support that. Trouble is the medical results say that seven of the eight shots entered from the rear.

No matter WHAT WAY this goes down in the long run this just got a lot more problematic for the cops involved and the Sac P.D.

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